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The wolfhound barbers of Denver Colorado are an exclusive club of straight razor barbers that specialize in mens hair styles and beard trimming fashions. Denver is home to some of the greatest sports franchises, world class chefs, cannabis growers, and Rocky Mountain beers the world has ever seen. Now we introduce to you some of the worlds best straight razor barbers, and they are located right here in Denver. One of our favorites is the now closed, GQ Barber Lounge in Denver. They offered an amazing straight razor cut and then bearded men behind the barber chairs offered a clean straight razor cut that made every man that walked through the door feel like a GQ model when they walked out it. Our other favorite barbershop in the area is Franks Barber Shop in Downtown Denver. They offer a similar experience, with straight razor cuts and an experience that any man looking to get pampered for an hour must check out.

The Wolfhound Barbers of Denver are an elite club of underground barbers, strapped with the sharpest straight blades, leather aprons, full sleeve tattoos, and bushy man beards. We enjoy a stiff drink like the rest of our bar dwelling associates. A Wolfhound barber isn’t associated with any barbershop specifically, they are nomads, traveling the earth and looking for the next opportunity to trim a beard, or crop a mop.

Wolfhounds unite, stand out from the pack and become a legend among barbers. Our elite club can be joined, but only by invite. Reach out to us, let us know who you are, and maybe we will extend an invitation for you to join the Wolf Pack. Also below you will find some great resources if you are looking for more information about becoming a barber, or are looking for quality Barber products for your own services.

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