Is laser hair removal harmful?

Many claim that laser hair removal is harmful, but only true professionals can make the necessary procedure is completely painless, safe and effective.

Probably each of us have heard that laser hair removal is harmful, but its effectiveness is time-tested. Following the implementation of this procedure destroyed hair follicles do not regenerate. This fact has long been proven a variety of clinical studies and years of experience in the use of lasers.

You can not argue that any laser hair removal is harmful. The results are directly dependent on the equipment on which procedure will be carried out. Getting rid of unwanted hair – this is the end result, which is very important for each patient.

Most of the patients’ pain during the procedure is not observed, and some of them were marked by little discomfort. Skin treated with the laser, after the procedure may be a little blush and pripuhnut, and it may be a little itchy. This is a completely natural phenomenon, which suggests that the laser is to some extent, damaged hair. However, redness and itching completely disappears within a few minutes, but occasionally – in an hour.