Pubic Hair Removal

In today’s professional hair removal circles, there is a lot of contention surrounding the topic of pubic hair removal. In this situation, the discussions center around whether or not the hair in this extremely private location should or should not be eliminated. It is significant to note that Included in this conversation is the question of quantity.

If the decision to shed pubic hair is made, just how much should really be removed? Is a trim sufficient? Should the bikini line be free of unsightly, uneven curls? Or should a girl jump on the bandwagon and go for the much-hyped Brazilian wax?

pubic hair removalThese are tough questions to answer in general as this is most definitely a subject of individual choice. However, assuming the decision to take off some section of pubic hair is made, what’s the best alternative for accomplishing this?

Generally speaking, it seems that waxing is by far the pubic hair removal treatment method of choice for most individuals. It’s a sound procedure that’s been practiced for years. The majority of people would agree that waxing is comparatively cheap, and in most cases, is just temporarily uncomfortable, mostly during the period of the actual procedure. When it’s complete, the epidermis in the pubic area is soft and stubble-free.

However, waxing is not a permanent hair removal treatment. This procedure technique merely plucks the hair out of the hair shafts. There is no question that the hair will grow back in a few weeks, which means that the waxing process will have to be repeated for as long as the effect is desired.

However, some people claim that the hair that does grow back does lessen over time and that these hairs grow back with a dissimilar texture. The re-grown hair is generally finer and not as course as the beginning hair. After all, the repeated removal of the hairs out of their shafts may very well harm the actual hair follicle and result in new hair growth being affected.

If you think about it, a real advantage of waxing is that it enables an person to better manage the site of the pubic area that is to be hair-free. It’s a rapid process, and one that a person can do on his or her own, if desired. However, there are numbers of individuals who will perform this hair removal procedure for you, if you’re agreeable to share this truly personal encounter! Numerous waxing products are available but be certain you peruse the label before buying. You desire a waxing product that is safe to use in this area.

A different method is sugaring. It is comparable to waxing, but instead of utilizing wax, which can be messy and difficult to clean up, a sugar-based organic combination is utilized instead. Generally combined with honey and lemon, the sugary paste concept has been around for centuries. The paste is applied to the skin, and as it hardens, it traps the pubic hairs. Once it has paste hardened, it is pulled very quickly from the skin, removing the hair as it goes.

Taking this all into consideration, waxing or sugaring generally won’t cause skin irritation like shaving and chemical-based depilatories often do. And from a cost standpoint, these methods are far less expensive than laser treatments and electrolysis.